The Whispering Wisteria ⚥

Southern Perfume Group 1


The Whispering Wisterias are deliriously stunning southern sirens, true to you only, compelling, subtly dangerous and intoxicating. Be careful because they can be addictive if you keep company with them for too long. Take a whiff and move the hell away or not.

When the Wisterias bring drinks to the party, they bring Absinthe.
“What is Absinthe?” the unknowing innocently asks.
“Oh, its a lovely green elixir you drink with a sugar cube. Here, have a smidgeon. It will fix you right up. We like to call it the Green Fairy,” answers the Whispering Wisteria.

(These Vamps might wear Opium by Yves Saint Laurent or Classic 1920 by Bois 1920)

Whispering Wisteria Perfumes ⚥ as Reviewed by Smells Downright Gorgeous

N’Aimez Que Moi by Caron
Botrytis by Ginestet
Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Vert Bohème by Tom Ford
La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens

Are you a Whispering Wisteria? Do you know of a perfect whispering wisteria perfume that you would like to see reviewed on Smells Downright Gorgeous. Leave your comments below.


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