Ratings Glossary


Perfume Ratings Glossary:

Smells Downright Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥
This means the perfume is full bottle worthy. I love this fragrance and it will end up sitting pretty on my vanity.
My requirements to take the plunge and buy a full bottle includes a dizzying amount of variables.
1. The perfume has longevity and lasts at least 6 to 8 hours.
2. The fragrance makes me smile or a least grin like a damn fool.
3. If the perfume takes a turn, then the turn has to be smooth and doesn’t jump entirely off the scented highway.
4. The perfume has a manageable sillage. I don’t like for my perfume to enter the room before me, but I do like for the space to feel empty when I leave and a trace of the fragrance lingers.
5. The bottle is equally as gorgeous as the perfume inside. The bottle fits my hand nicely and doesn’t have too many angles which makes it awkward to spray.
6. There are many luxury brands and natural perfumes that have a hefty price tag and I have a limit on how much I will pay. If I love the perfume and the price is ridiculous, then I will buy a nice sized decant and be equally as happy.
If the perfume meets my demands, then I will purchase, but not before I wear it at least 4 to 5 times for testing. If the fragrance passes muster, and I still find it to be divine, then the card will come out!

Gimme Some Sugar ♥♥♥
This means that I like the perfume a lot and it is a solid fragrance, but I do not love it to pieces. Yes, I will wear the fragrance and I may wear it often. There can be several reasons why I don’t love it though. It may be that the perfume is too expensive or it is a sillage bomb or it only lasts for a few hours. The culprit most likely lies somewhere in the perfume composition and there is a note that doesn’t sit well with me.
Be mindful that a perfume I love. You may hate. A perfume you love. I may hate. We are all different. Give this fragrance a try before going whole hog. I suggest buying a sample online or scoring a sample from the department to see what all the talk is about before buying a full bottle.

Bless Your Heart ♥♥
This means the juice is saying one thing to you but means another. A perfume may come on beautifully strong and might seduce you into thinking that it is your love.  The Bless your Hearts turn on a dime. I don’t meet many of these, but I have met them. At first, it was all happiness and smiles and then about an hour later and there is an all out assault. I have experienced play-doh, cat pee, the inside of a water bottle, rotting ocean and more.
Don’t let that sweet talking sales associate talk you into buying this deceptively beautiful bottle. Spray it on a fragrance strip and walk away for a day or two, buy a sample and let your nose decide.
Remember, our skin reacts differently to perfumes and what may turn to cat pee on me may end up smelling like a dewy, lush fig on you!

That Thing is All Catywumpus ♥
From out of the blocks, something has definitely gone awry with this perfume. Don’t put it in your online cart. Do not proceed to the perfume counter. I wouldn’t buy this for all the grits at the mill.

Disclaimer: The above ratings are my humble opinion only. 





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