Bergdorf’s Bonanza!

I’ve heard many good things about the perfume gallery at Bergdorf Goodmans in New York City, so whilst on a quick trip to the city over the holiday weekend, I carved out some time to visit.

I jumped in a taxi around 9:45am on Saturday thinking the store opened at 9:00am and arrived to a covey of shoppers standing outside on the sidewalk. I walked up to the golden revolving door and realized the store didn’t open until 10:00. After making small talk with my new Bergdorf friends, the doors opened promptly at 10:00am. I whirled in and to my delight, the gallery was very close and only one floor down. I practically jumped off the escalator into the gallery of scent. Wow! What a beautiful array of perfume displays.

Where did I stop first? Guerlain, of course! This was my first visit with a bonafide Guerlain counter and the sales associate was kind and knowledgeable. The bottles I desired, Idylle Extract and Shalimar Cologne, were not in stock. Boo. Hiss. I checked out the new bottles for the men’s line and they are very tall and straightforward and maybe a bit boring. I delighted in seeing and holding the bee bottles and admired this year’s Muguet. What a beautiful bottle with silver filigree! I sniffed on paper Apres L’Ondee, Santal Royale, Ambre Eternel, Eau de Guerlain, and L’Instant de Guerlain. Out of these, I liked L’Instant the most. I tried Mayotte on skin and it was a rich, root beer float, sarsaparilla experience.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Get this, I actually walked away from Guerlain with nothing. Nothing, I say. Bummer.


Guerlain 2016 Muguet

photo from Fragrantica

Oh well, c’est la vie. Forging ahead!

Did you know that Chanel is discontinuing their Les Exclusifs perfume line? Alors, actuellement, they are shelving the eau de toilettes and replacing them with eau de parfum avec un higher price point, of course.

Since a discontinuation is amongst us, I sashayed over to Chanel. I tried, on paper, Coromandel, Beige, Jersey, Sycomore, Bois Del Iles, Misia and Bel Respiro. Everyone seems to adore Coromandel and it was everything people say with it’s lacquered screens and opium dens, yes! I love Misia also with it’s powder at the vanity mirror vibe, but Bois Des Iles got my immediate attention. SHAZAM! If I could’ve climbed into that bottle, I would’ve.  Bois Des Iles is heartbreakingly beautiful to my nose because rose, citrus and wood!  The perfume starts out with citrus and floating rosy aldehydes that swirl all around you, but sitting there throughout out is a woody, ambery comfort like a thick, plush, soft blanket. Bois Des Iles is now sitting on my dresser. The SA did not give me any perfume samples, though. After a  big perfume purchase like that, you would think that I would be showered with samples. NOPE.


Photo from Fragantica

Next to the Jo Malone counter. I have a huge crush on their Velvet Roses and Oud Body Cream, so I wanted to pick up a pot as my early Christmas present and it was not in stock either! The nerve.

Walking away, I deliberately ignored the Killian and the Tom Ford displays. I don’t appreciate the way they objectify women in their promotions and social media, and therefore; will not buy their products. Boom.

Around the corner I turned and suddenly, I was in the niche. I scanned the gallery from left to right and spied Memo, Perris Monte Carlo, Fragrance Kitchen, Roja Dove, Houbigant and THEN Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

My scanning stopped. Eyes wide, I surveyed the perfume masterpieces. A super knowledgeable and uber kind SA spotted me and helped me out of my trance. We talked MFK and I sniffed Petit Matin, Grand Soir, Amyris and Absolute Pour Le Soir. All of them were splendid with APLS being a little too cuminy or cinnamony for my tastes. And then the SA started talking about a fragrance I’d never heard of. I looked at him with blank eyes and he said, “you don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?” I said, “No, I don’t.” and he pulled out 754. Lord help me. That SA picked up on my fave notes like lightning and chose 754 for me. I sprayed it on skin and the oil in the fragrance shined bright like a diamond on my arm.  I fan girled all over 754 because musk and white flowers.

Here are the notes:
Maison Francis Kurkdjian 754 EdP: This is a Bergdorf’s exclusive made especially for the 111th anniversary of the store. 754 is Bergdorf’s NYC street address.

Top: Lemon
Heart: Lily of the valley, sweet pea, freesia
Base: Sandalwood, musk


photo from Fragrantica

After succumbing to this beautiful concoction, I asked the price. Brrrgghh. So, I bought the 200 ml body cream. I didn’t give a flip if it meant I had to check my bag for the flight home! I wish I could slather everyone with 754, then the world would smell amazing!  It’s that gorgeous. The SA gave me a sample of Grand Soir, which I am wearing today and some little perfume tiles for scenting your lingerie drawers or closets or room with your favorite fragrance.

I strutted proudly out of Bergdorf’s with my smell goods! What a happy day in the city!






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