Top 10 List: After a “Beach Day” Fragrances + Sample Giveaway

Top 10 List: After a “Beach Day” Fragrances + Sample Giveaway

Imagine this. It’s Summertime. You are on vacation at the beach. You could be anywhere; the Seychelles, the Bahamas, the Canaries, Bora Bora, the Algarve, Fire Island, the Whitsundays or my favorite beach, Topsail Island. You’ve gathered your family or friends, piled all your beach supplies onto the shoulders of your posse and you are heading out for a sand and salt-filled day.

Six hours later after swimming in the ocean, paddle boarding, making sand castles with the kids (or adults), floating on rafts, riding the waves, reading a good book, people watching, having a lukewarm drink (your ice is long gone) and sandwiches (actual sand-wiches with sand deposits). Yum, gritty. You are ready to rinse the salt off, get the sand out of your bathing suit and relax in the air conditioning in a loose sun dress or a bright pair of shorts.

The only thing missing from this picture is a nice, fresh fragrance. Ahhhh! Here are my favorites for beach days! Seven of the ten fragrances are unisex and in my opinion can be easily worn by men and women.

10. Kat Burki  Endless Summer EdP
For women

nd.35519Image from Fragrantica

Endless Summer is a green, floral freshie starting out with citrus and quickly moves to jasmine, eucalyptus, and woodsy notes. This reminds me of strolling on the beach at dusk. Romantic and sexy.

9. Creed Pure White Cologne EdC

Image from Fragrantica

Creed Pure White Cologne is crisp, fresh class in a bottle. This Creed flies under the radar and I’ve no idea why. It is a summer must have. Starts out with a eye opening citrus with a touch of pear and surprisingly, rice. My husband and I both wear it and we smell great. Highly recommended.

8. Finn & Company White Sand Fragrance Oil
For women


Image from Fragrantica

If you want to bring the beach with you, White Sand is a delicious, fruity floral slightly redolent of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil.  The marine notes blend well with the citrus and jasmine. Very nice and creamy. I wear it on days when I can’t make it to beach and miss the waves and powdery sand!

7. Clarins Eau Dynamisante

IMG_6252Image from Smells Downright Gorgeous

Eau Dynamisante smacks you in the face with it’s vitality and therapeutic qualities. It’s different, no sweetness here. Clarins does it right for a pick me up, feel good, after a shower splash on. If you are feeling worn out from the sun, spray this delight! Be wary, Eau Dynamisante doesn’t last long and is not formulated to stick around for a long time. Spray, heal, wake up and GO! Love it so!!

6. Clinique Calyx
For women


Image from Fragrantica

We cannot forget this unique 80’s freshie. I love the name Calyx. Calyx is packed with notes, almost so many that it is hard to believe that it presents itself so smoothly. I love the opening with the tropical fruits after a good refreshing, cleansing rain. You can smell the fruits and the leaves. Then the flowers burst forth. What an experience! I adore this hidden behind the counter scent. Pick it up again. You will be glad you did.

5. Freda’D Diamond
Labeled for women, but in my opinion is unisex

Diamond Pic 1-500x500

Image from Freda’D Singapore

Meet Freda’D from Singapore. I got my hands on a sample of Diamond recently and I am ready for a full bottle. Yes, please. Diamond starts out with a punch of bergamot, plums and peaches. The fresh fruit is sparkling and intense but you can smell the base of musk and oak moss there from the beginning too. I love a chypre in the summer and with the soft jasmine in the heart, this fragrance calls to me. Diamond smells fantastic and is long lasting. Although, the website says Diamond is for women, this can be worn by men too. The heart and base skew masculine to me with sandalwood, white musk and oak moss. Top notch!

4. Monsillage Eau Fraîche

Image from Fragrantica

Oh Monsillage, you do fresh and clean so well. Eau Fraîche is a great scent to match with a white t-shirt and shorts. This fragrance could easily go all boy fougere, but the floral pulls it over to a unisex aromatic.  I enjoy Eau Fraîche because it starts out lemony and herbal. I love lemons, but too many herbs and I’m out. (lavender…yuck). This has lavender, but it’s not a lavender bomb and what keeps me happy is the lilac. I am wearing this right now and it definitely skews masculine in the dry down in my opinion. I vacillate with this one and I do every time I wear it. I love it’s contradictory nature.

3. Teo Cabanel Lace Garden EdP
For women

o.29702Image from Fragrantica

Lace Garden is a melody of white and yellow florals. I have never smelled magnolias done so masterfully. Magnolias are a big part of my summers and magnificent magnolias are everywhere in North Carolina. I reach for Lace Garden at least three times a week. Our beaches are barrier islands and once you are off the islands, across the intracoastal waterway and back onto the mainland magnolias, dogwoods, wisterias and gardenias abound. I covet my decant of Lace Garden. This scent makes me swoon it is so sexy. Magnolia, orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, powder, ylang-ylang. OMG, I can’t. Pair this with sweating glass of crisp, cold pinot grigio, a sundress and strappy sandals and you SMELL and LOOK DOWNRIGHT GORGEOUS.


2. Erin’s Faces Monoï Tiaré Oil

monoi_tiare_oil_-_erin_s_facesImage from Erin’s Faces

Erin’s Faces offers all-natural, vegan, paraben and petrochemical-free products. I am an avid fan of Erin’s faces and use her products every day for my overly sensitive, rosacea-fied skin. (that’s another story). Monoï Tiaré oil is a hit in my household. Every time I wear this someone says, “You smell good”.  No kidding. Every single time. It’s perfect for a myriad of uses. I use Monoï  Tiaré as a perfume, skin moisturizer, hair mask and sunburn reliever. I like it because it doesn’t leave a yucky, oily residue on skin and most importantly, Monoï Tiaré is fragrance nirvana. It’s a South Pacific dream.  If you love tiaré (gardenia’s cousin) and a hint of coconut, then you simply must try this out.  Highly recommended.

Number 1. Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien EDT- The Classic Summer Fragrance

nd.756Image from Fragrantica

Eau D’Hadrien is the epitome of fresh, smiling happiness. Being my number one, I cannot give enough praise to this simple, unisex, lemony citrus scent. I started wearing this in 2006 and I will always have a bottle. I’ve gone through 3 bottles thus far and am halfway through my 4th. It seems like Annick Goutal took the verdant Mediterranean and put it in a bottle.  There is cypress, grapefruit, lemon, sicilian lemon, citron, mandarin orange, aldehydes and ylang-ylang. This perfume brings a smile to my face no matter what mood I’m in. It’s light, airy, lemony, aromatic and a teensy bit sour. Eau D’Hadrien comes along on every beach vacation we take.  I have much love for this globally adored fragrance. ♥♥♥♥

Enter for your chance to win a carded sample of Freda’D Diamond (#5 on our list)

Leave a comment below with your favorite “after the beach” fragrance and you will be entered to win a carded sample of Freda’D Diamond. Any other comments and suggestions are welcome. The winner will be announced using on Friday, June 24, 2016 via this website. Upon leaving your comment, you will be asked for your email address. SDG will not share your information with any third parties.

If you need advice on how to obtain any of our Top 10, please contact me at

Sample Perfume Draw – Conus Only – Draw Closes Thursday, June 23, 2016


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