Adam Levine is Fine. Not the man, the perfume!

Adam Levine EdP for women ♀


photo thieved from Fragrantica

Allright, we all know the singer, Adam Levine is hot. That’s a given, but let’s take a moment to check out his perfume. Adam Levine perfume for women is a floriental launched in 2013. I picked this perfume up at my local TJ Maxx after hearing that it is very good for a  “celebrity” fragrance. Well, celebrity or not, this perfume absolutely sings on my skin. No pun intended. The perfumer behind this fragrance is Yann Vasnier.

The packaging is classy, sophisticated and does not scream self-indulgent rock star in the least. The box is solid and not flimsy like other designer/celebrity perfumes I’ve seen.  The bottle is reminiscent of an old timey box microphone and the cap is pure kitsch. When I opened the box the first time, I noticed the cap and thought,”Oh, it’s sparkly like mesh. That’s different.”  And then I realized the mesh was purposeful. If anything, it is my only perfume bottle with a microphone cap. I suppose for just in case I may break out into song and use the bottle for my fake microphone.

All caps aside, what is important is the juice inside the bottle. For the purpose of this review, I wore Adam Levine 5 days in a row. On the first day, I wore it to the grocery store and my green grocer, whom I’ve known and talked to for at least 2 years, said, “Wow, you smell good.” He has never mentioned my perfume in the past and I am a perfume wearing lady. Green grocer comment noted.

The second day I wore Adam Levine, I dropped into bed after a long day and my husband said, “Are you wearing Adam Levine?” Surprised, I answered, “Yes, how did you know?” “I saw it on your perfume tray and sniffed it. You smell nice.” Husband snuggles and comment noted.

On to the perfume! Ignore the first 5 seconds. At first spray, Adam Levine really packs an alcohol punch, but it snaps quickly into a calm, rich citrus spice. The perfume does not jump off my skin and is projecting politely about 4 inches from my wrist.  The top notes are balanced well and don’t vie too much for attention. To my nose, the spice is slightly dominant with the citrus at a close second.

About 10 minutes later, the perfume changes into a spicy, slightly animalic floral wood. I love this part. It is sexy and sensuous and purrs. There is a mildly sweet jasmine which I think is bringing up the sexy, but the sexy indoles are tempered with the rose. Oh, the rose. Rose is my favorite perfume note. All my most adored perfumes either have rose or white flowers and Adam Levine has a rose and jasmine heart. BOTH my favs in one perfume! Also, the sandalwood is concurrently lending it’s beauty and comfort to the composition. I believe the sandalwood is what turns this perfume from simply OK to wonderful.

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For hours, Adam Levine projects a distinguished spicy, woody floral scent and although marketed for women can easily be worn by a man.

Thankfully, in the last part of the perfume, the resiny benzoin is mellow and I smell a little vanilla but only a few drops or this would be a scrubber for me. Vanilla is my “yuck” in a perfume.

Top notes: Citrus, marigold, saffron, spices
Heart notes: Indian jasmine, Australian sandalwood, rose petals
Base notes: Benzoin, vanilla
Perfumer: Yann Vasnier

Longevity: 7 hours
Sillage: Moderate
Projection: 3 hours

When I wear this perfume, I can’t stop sniffing my wrist and inhaling the wafts of good smelling things rising from my décolletage. After writing this review, I understand why this perfume speaks so deeply to me. It has all my favorite notes, white florals, spice, wood and rose. I have reached for Adam Levine every day for over a week and I even put it into my travel perfume atomizer for my weekend trip. That is saying a lot! Winner! If you like spices, wood and subtle florals, then get in your car, go to TJ Maxx and pick up this steal! I think I may procure a back up bottle.


Southern Perfume Personality: Magnificent Magnolia
Perfume Rating: Smells Downright Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥

What do you think of Adam Levine? Do you love it or think it is simply a “pass”? We would enjoy hearing your thoughts. Please comment in the reply section.






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