Scent of Tuesday – Quick Review of Amber Extreme

It’s back to work and it’s cold everywhere. This is a perfect day for the dry sultriness of L’Artisan Parfumeur Ambre Extreme. From Fragrantica: Ambre Extreme by L`Artisan Parfumeur is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women. Ambre Extreme was launched in 2001.

It begins spicy. I like a spice pick me up first thing in the morning.  Then the powder and dry resins join in. Mmmmm.  It is deep and rich, but not for everyone as I do get a bit of old library. Through the amber darkness, there is a small shaft of warm vanilla light. The amber darkness has a hand over vanilla’s mouth, though. I love this scent and it’s perfect for my mood. I feel somewhat mysterious, slinky and shifty eyed. I am wearing all black, so perfect.  -Paige

L’Artisan Parfumeur Ambre Extreme


photo thieved from Fragrantica

Notes: Amber, spices and vanilla

Southern Personality Group: Whispering Wisteria
Perfume Rating: Smells Downright Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥

Longevity: 6 to 7 hours
Sillage: Medium
Projection: 2 hours


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