Scented Sunday – A Quick Review

Tokyo Milk Bulletproof EdP


photo thieved from Fragrantica

During a quick visit to Sephora that turned into an extended perfume and makeup fest, I picked up Tokyo Milk’s Femme Fatale scent wardrobe eau de parfum collection. It was on sale!

Inside are four minis and today I chose Bulletproof as my scent of the day. Starting off spicy with a heavy handed projection, Bulletproof is hard to describe. The spice reminds me of cardamon or a very fragrant tea. Although, it is a bit pointed, it is not sharp. I believe the potential sharpness is tendered by the tropical coconut, island note. I figured with the name Bulletproof, there was going to be a metallic note and YES!

If you want to be different and daring, then you will love this. It reminds me of the seamy side of an island paradise. During my travels, I tend to wander off the beaten path to see how people really live and it can be dangerous, but then again, I like danger. (well, not a lot of danger). Bulletproof is a tropical, dangerous, woody, daring, metal baring scent.

I am glad I have a mini of Bulletproof, but it is not a perfume that I will wear often or even purchase a full bottle.

Notes: Smoked tea, coconut, cedar and ebony.
Perfumer: Margot Elena

Southern Perfume Personality: The Captivating Cypress
Perfume Rating: Bless Your Heart ♥♥

Review Update: I am amazed. It’s 7:45pm Sunday. 12 hours after I applied Bulletproof. I was cooking dinner and every now and again I got a whiff of pleasant woods and sweet metal. I put wrist to nose and by golly, the perfume is still going and I like it mucho! Maybe it is Bulletproof!

UPDATED Perfume Rating: Gimme Some Sugar ♥♥♥

What is your opinion of Bulletproof? Is it Bless Your Heart or is it Downright Gorgeous. Leave your opinion below. We would love to hear from you.


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