Tauerville Amber Flash and the Ever-After

Tauerville Amber Flash  EdP


Photo thieved from Fragrantica

Boy, was I excited to try Amber Flash from Tauerville. I’ve heard much good things about Mr. Tauer’s splendid perfumes and this is my first dabble into Andy Tauer world. I have Rose Flash too! I wore Amber Flash three times for the sake of this review. Of course, I could not go into this review blind so I researched the composition before I began the wear process to see if I could identify some of the notes as I tripped, terrified along the Tauerville road. I was going to write the word traipsed, but tripped and terrified is more fitting.

Amber, to me, seems ancient and golden like Cleopatra or Mark Antony. All sexy and warm. I expected a flash of golden goodness,  with a tendril of fire sprinkled on top.



Here is what happened and Amber Flash happens, that is to be sure.The first few seconds was sweet, mildly burning smoke. I smiled. OK, good start. Time passed and I sniffed and sniffed looking for something  in the burning darkness and only found more inky smoke. The smoke wasn’t smoke say, from a woody backyard fire, it was what I imagine brimstone smells like or what a thing smells like after it has burned, but worse.

What is this, Dante’s Inferno? Am I descending into the circles of Hell? I felt like I was in the 7th circle. Damn, it was dark in there. I searched for a ray of light or hope or something. Run to the light!

About three hours into Amber Flash, I recalled a series of novels that I practically ate, I read them so quickly. The series is called The Hollows by Kim Harrison. In the books, the main character, Rachel, a witch, visits the demon Agliarept in the ever-after throughout. What is the ever-after? The ever-after is a hellish parallel full of cunning demons. Rachel reeks of and is coated with amber when she returns from the ever-after to Cleveland. The scent is so distinctly dark and cloying that she has to take a shower and wash her clothes immediately. This must be what it smells like in the ever-after. Amber, Tauer style.


Amber Flash has excellent longevity and after about 5 hours, the burning tarry smell hugely intensified. I was right impressed with the unexpected joie de vivre. So cool!  It was like someone poured water on a glowing ember. SSSSSSSsssssssss and then thankfully, it mellowed into something less panicky. I wish I could give the notes for what I was experiencing, but my nose is a simpleton.

Across the life of Amber Flash, I never smelled more than burned things, except at the start. Nine hours later and right before it dissipated, Amber gave me a slight whiff of vanillic sweetness. Dare I say Amber Flash is linear? It is linear in it’s darkness but multi-layered in the pyrotechnics!

For me, Amber Flash leans toward the masculine side. If you are fine with a well of darkness on your wrist all day long and into the night, then give it a try. I suggest you obtain a sample first, because Amber Flash is not for everyone.

I was relieved when Amber Flash dropped back into the ever-after and you should at least get a sample and experience the ever after yourself.

Southern Personality Group: The Captivating Cypress
Perfume Rating: Smells Downright Gorgeous Gimme Some Sugar ♥♥♥

What do you think of Amber Flash? I would love to hear your opinions and comments.

If you want to learn more about where to buy Amber Flash, leave a comment and I will direct you.


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