Bruno Acampora Musc Leads to Feelings ⚥

Bruno Acampora Musc EdP


Top Notes: Musk, Rose, Violet, Vanilla, Cloves, Amber, Sandalwood

Launched in 2012 by Bruno Acampora Musc is a long, long lasting elixir. I am a huge fan girl of florals, so musks have never been high on my list of scents to purchase. Perfume is not a cheap item and when I buy  a full bottle, it isn’t a bottle of musk.

To my indifference, a sample of Musc came with a purchase from Lucky Scent. I certainly didn’t order it. I did my fragrance research and things started looking up. Good reviews! Time to do a husband experiment. My husband kindly let me dab some on him. He is not familiar with musky fragrance. Of course he isn’t, since he is like practically every other guy in the last 15 years of fragrance trends and was duped into the department store waterfalls of fruit trees and citrus of designer scent. Resistant to change as most men are, my experiment failed.

Musc is a unisex scent, so a few weeks passed and not to be deterred, I decided to give it a roll. The first thing I noticed is the oily texture. Lovely! I enjoyed applying the oil as it is mildly viscous. Sexy. Win, win in that department.

I applied the oil and the fragrance came on forcefully with earth and powder. I don’t think I’ve uttered those words together before. Earth and powder. Weirdly drawn to powdery scents in the first place, I became intensely curious to learn where Musc will take me over the next few hours. Although, the powdery violet is evident, there is a loamy, not too wet earth sitting there.  This is what Musc may look like visually for the first hour. Nice!

Then, we go seriously masculine sandalwood and spice. I am vaguely reminded of Old Spice with musk with powder. The powder keeps me interested.

Being the non-linear gem that it is, Musc brings a subtle spray of roses to the song. Whoa! I can’t resist rose. If there is rose in a scent, I take notice. Rose speaks to everyone. I have never met a person who smells a rose and says,  “yuck, roses smell horrible.”

The musk note sits first seat in this orchestra at all times, but taking second through fourth seats through the medley are the spices, woods and florals. The thing about Musc is its uniqueness (to me). I have never smelled anything like this before that I can recall, so it conjures no real memories.  So, my time with Musc from now on will be to create memories.

Musc has a determined sillage when first applied, but it pulls closer and with my chemistry becomes a skin scent after about an hour. If you do not have an appreciation for musky notes, please be careful. I applied it at 10:30am and could still smell Musc after a shower at 10:30pm. I wholeheartedly agree that Musc is unisex and can be equally enjoyed by both sexes.

If musk is your thing, then this is best applied as a couple in the morning before the day starts. I suggest you both dab each other’s wrists and neck before you leave the house and I PROMISE you will be thinking about each other all day long. Musc can be quite alluring if you are single also.

Southern Perfume Personality: The Captivating Cypress

Perfume Rating: Gimme Some Sugar ♥♥♥

What do you think about Musc by Bruno Acampora? Is it a captivating cypress? Would you give it some sugar or is it downright gorgeous?

Interested in learning where to buy this scent? Drop me a comment and I will direct you.



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