Ralph Lauren’s Midnight Romance and Play-Doh

Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren EdP


photo thieved from Fragrantica

Top Notes: Raspberry, Bergamot, Litchi
Heart Notes: Peony, Sambac Jasmine, Freesia
Base Notes: Ambroxan, Vanilla, Iris Absolute
Perfumers: Honorine Blanc and Alberto Morillas

Was there a Midnight Romance? I don’t remember. If there was an encounter, it was so boring that I think I fell asleep. Midnight Romance should be called a chance encounter with an old neighborhood friend that you threw play doh balls at when you were a kid. Awkward.


The perfume begins with a nice citrus zing that made me smile and I tripped happily along enjoying my morning. After a little bit, I detected a light overripe berry. Nonplussed, I started my work day. I am OK with berries as long as they are not too syrupy and they don’t sing BERRIES throughout the whole day. The florals joined the party and I was satisfied with my little find. Thinking this may be a summer day scent that I may consider purchasing a roller ball of, I smelled Play-Doh. I brought my wrist up to my nose and ya darn tootin’, straight up Play-Doh. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know and love Play-Doh. We had some good times, but I don’t want to wear it. I believe in the dry down, Midnight Romance, is intended to go deep and sensual, but with my skin chemistry, she went to a place that is not meant for grown-ups. The perfume simply vanished after about 2.5 hours.

Southern Perfume Group: Shy Violet
Rating: Bless Your Heart ♥♥

Chime in! Tell us your opinions of Midnight Romance. Is it Gimme Some Sugar to you or is it Catywumpus?


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