Violettes du Czar by Oriza L. Legrand and Tasty Violet Pastilles


La Maison du Oriza L. Legrand began making perfumes in France in 1792 during the reign of Louis XV. This is a fascinating story about a perfume house achieving great success and one of the rare houses providing fragrance to the Courts of Russia, England, Italy and France. As most things do, the business came to a halt in the 1930’s, most likely due to WWII. In the mid-2000’s, the brand was purchased and revived by Franck Belaiche and Hugo Lambert. The partners opened a boutique in Paris on the Rue St. Augustin and have reproduced the original perfumes with today’s relevance.  One of their newest perfumes is Violettes du Czar. The bottle is reminiscent of Royal Russia and Faberge Eggs.

I have had many meetings with Violettes du Czar which was originally created for the Czar of Russia. Today’s Violettes du Czar perfume is wearable by both men and women. Not simple in the least, Violettes du Czar is a perfume ride like I’ve never taken before. Wow. Starting big on candied violets and greenery, I am reminded of pretty tins of violet pastilles.


The candy tastes like licorice, smells like violets and is challenging to enjoy. It takes a few chews to get used to the unique flavor which is unlike any other candy I’ve tasted before. Like violet pastilles, Violettes du Czar perfume takes a concerted effort to appreciate.

Have you smelled the air right after a lightning strike? Imagine candied violets, heliotrope, powder and ozone swirling around you and you have the twister that is Violettes du Czar perfume. After about 20 minutes, the storm does slow down a little to reveal a comforting resiny scent and a hint of mellow wood. I wear this during the day when I’m feeling like I need to be revved up to get out the door. I had a friend sample Violettes du Czar and she vacillated between “I don’t like it” to “I love it” to “I’m not sure if I can wear this” to “I love it”.  I had a blast watching her on the Violettes du Czar ride. Do you dare to sample Violettes du Czar?

Violettes du Czar by Oriza L. Legrand


photo thieved from Fragrantica

Top Notes: Wild Violets, Violet Leaves
Heart Notes: Violets from Nice, Iris & Heliotrope
Base Notes: Tolu balm, Leather, Amber and Gaiac Wood
Perfumer: Hugo Lambert

Southern Perfume Group: The Magnificent Magnolia
Perfume Rating: Smells Downright Gorgeous

Chime in! Tell us your opinion of Violettes du Czar. Is it like White on Rice to you or is it Bless Your Heart?



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