Fancy Holiday Parties and Amoureuse by Parfums DelRae


Saturday night, we attended a fancy holiday party at a fabulous beach house on the serene and dripping with cash, Wrightsville Beach. The party was tagged as holiday casual, but I knew better. I’ll be damned if I am going to show up completely basic to a party. You absolutely cannot attend a holiday party in the South without at least one or two tidbits of sparkle and shine! My shiny was a multi-colored jeweled bracelet. After dressing, my bracelet caught the light and it sparkled. A slight smile crossed my face and the perfect perfume for the evening popped into my head. Yayysssss…Gaga.

What perfume sparkles and is reminiscent of happy holiday soirees?

Why Amoureuse by Parfums DelRae, of course. 

o.2664photo thieved from Fragrantica

Top Notes: Tangerine, Cardamon
Heart Notes: Lily, Jasmine, Tuberose
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Honey, Oak moss
Perfumer: Michel Roudnitska

You would think that with all the white florals, Amoureuse would lead to a split second migraine, gag reflex, scrub and release.  The perfume begins with popping effervescent spice bubbles that tickle my nose. I am temporarily slammed back into elementary school and we are sharing cinnamon toothpicks on the playground.  Remember these? The toothpicks were drenched in cinnamon oil and burned my mouth and fingers. Especially if I had a cut. DAYUM.


And now returning to the present time. Soon after, the spice  of the perfume is joined by a creamy concoction of white florals on a balance beam of sandalwood and oak moss.  This lady has longevity and sillage. Be careful. One spritz on the wrist, neck and the small of the back and it is party time. I could still smell Amoureuse the next morning. Spicy, florally, earthy, sexpot.

Southern perfume type: The Magnificent Magnolia
Rating: Smells Downright Gorgeous ♥♥♥♥

Chime in! Tell us your opinions of Amoureuse. Is it like Downright Gorgeous to you or is it Catywumpus?


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