Burning Leaves and Calling All Angels by April Aromatics


Yesterday, we had a huge smoky inferno in the backyard. Who doesn’t love to burn some leaves. There was inherent danger involved and I admit I was a little jazzed to stoke the fire. Yes, we do have rules here in NC, but nobody pays any damn attention, so backyard fires pose no real law-breaking issues!

I stood by the fire (not too close), felt the extreme heat, took in the smell of the smoke, watched the leaves turn to ash and stayed in my smoky clothes for the rest of the day.

If I were to recreate the backyard fire moment with a bottled memory, the perfect scent is:

Calling All Angels by April Aromatics


photo stolen from Fragrantica

Top Notes: No top notes
Heart Notes: Rose otto, incense, and honey
Base Notes: Woods, ambers, resins and frankincense
Perfumer: Tanja Bochnig

Some people associate this perfume with a church service complete with a eloquently robed priest and a smoking incense burner on a chain. That incense stuff didn’t happen in my childhood church, so this perfume doesn’t call up any Angels for me.


The leaf burning spectacle of yesterday did well up an old memory of sitting on the beach with friends in front of a bonfire roasting marshmallows on a stick.

“Calling All Angels” holds you close with the promise of sweet seduction and then sends out huge loamy smoke signals that fade slowly into small wisps. A beautifully wrought natural perfume that personally, I wouldn’t wear out of my house. This fragrance is more of a personal scent that I wear just for me on rare occasions. There are many lovers of Calling All Angels and is April Aromatic’s most popular fragrance. Give it a sniff and see what memories it calls up for you. Does it Call the Angels?

images Yep

Southern Perfume Type: The Carolina Jasmine
Rating: Gimme Some Sugar ♥♥♥

Chime in! Tell us your opinions of Calling All Angels. Is it Gimme Some Sugar to you or is it Catywumpus?


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